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Pan Asian Music Festival, Trio Zaros Ensenmble

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Stanford Bing Concert Hall, 327 Lasuen St, Stanford, California 94305

The Zagros Trio Ensemble has been performing around the globe over the past seven years. Kourosh Moradi, Mehdi Bagheri and Pezhham Akhavass are the founders of the Zagros Trio. They all started their music education at early age with different backgrounds. All three are considered the best in their musical field. The group started performing as a band in late 2010 and has introduced the rich Persian and Kurdish music to people whom are curious about ancient melodies and rhythms from different culture and nations. Zagros Trio Ensemble has mainly performed with four instruments which are: tanbour, kamancheh, tombak and daf. These instruments are considered as the oldest musical instruments mankind have created. The music of Zagros Trio Ensemble is a combination of tanbour Maqams and Persian classical music to create a well stablished foundation with a newer sound, and the mission of this ensemble is to connect with people from all cultures, races and backgrounds.