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Akhavass Ensemble 

Pouria Akhavass

Pouria Akhavass is a musician and traditional Persian vocalist from Tehran Iran, Born in 1981, he holds a bachelors degree in Persian Literature from the University of Iran. Pouria started music when he was six years old and began singing when he was seven. Pouria loved singing to himself by listening to the older generation of Persian vocalists on the radio or with cassette tapes. In 1995 Pouria started to sing with the master Razavi Sarvestani (who was knowledgeable about Mastero Taherzadeh’s radif and Persian radif -the system of Persian classic music). Pouria was also one of the Mr Boroomand’s students and grew up in his old fashioned primary school. Following the passing of Mr. Razavi, Pouria took classes with Mr. Mohsen Keramati from 1999-2005 who was one Ostad Shajarian’s first grade students, helping take Pouria’s vocal range and ability to the next level and distinguishing Pouria as a trained vocalist.

In 1998, Pouria started to play Kamancheh with the guidance Keyhan Kalhor and Sammer Habbibi. In 2001 at the request of Hossein Alizadeh, Pouria was invited to become a member of the Hamavayan Ensemble as a vocalist and ghychack player. Pouria learned about Persian classical theory and avaz (classical Persian voice) theory under guidance Alizadeh, one of the most legendary and influential people in the modern history of Perisan music. Since 2005, Pouria is the member of the House of Music and Art in Iran as a musician, singer and music teacher.

Pouria has participated as a musician and vocalist with the Hamavayan Ensemble, Sanam Ensemble, Khorshid Ensemble, Neyestan Ensemble and has recorded with the master musicians such as Hossein Alizadeh, and Majid Derakhshani. Through his musical collaborations as a vocalist, Pouria has traveled the world including Iran, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Asia, Canada and the United States.